Europe part 1

Travels through Amsterdam, Berlin, Prague, Munich, Austria and Switzerland.

One of my favourite cities of the trip; Prague..

And our second last stop, the Swiss Alps. This drive from Florence to Switzerland was long but well worth it seeing all the amazing scenery including passing Lake Como. Definitely adding it to my go to list for next time. But all eyes opened as we reached Switzerland, truly spectacular views all round.

Went skydiving overlooking the town we stayed in Lauterbrunnen. I’d recommend it to anyone, it was SO much fun. I’ve always said I would never go sky diving because I’d be too scared. I don’t know what changed but maybe the fact there were my tour friends popping up here and there saying they were planning to go and I just didn’t want to miss it. I mean if I go sky diving once in my life, where better than Switzerland. Pictures (or even my skydiving video) just don’t do it any justice, being up in the air I just can’t describe the feeling.

Up at Jungfrau, the ‘top of Europe’ now this was FREEZING. What a change. It’s amazing to think that two days before we were in Rome in 35degree heat then a sudden change to being suddenly in snowy Switzerland on the alps.

Photography: Jessica Ruisan of Silk Truffle Photography

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