Ali & Nick – The Boathouse, Palm Beach Wedding

The gorgeous Ali & Nick got married at Lucinda Park followed by a cocktail reception at one of my favourite venues, The Boathouse at Palm Beach. It was such a beautiful day shared with family and friends who could not rub the smiles off their faces seeing Ali & Nick get married after being together for 8 years. What a privilege it was to share your special day, wishing you the happiest future together A & N. Thanks Jess

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Photographer: Silk Truffle Photography // Wedding Dress: Luomo // Groom’s Suit: Jack London // Bridesmaid Dresses: Leona Edminston // Headpiece: Johanna Johnson //Makeup: Sparrow Makeup // Hair: Niki Simpson // Florist: Floral Craftsman Matt Bisaro // Stationery: The bride // Cake: Kate Webb // Styling/Decorations: The Bride and The Boathouse // Ceremony: Lucinda Park, Palm Beach // Reception: The Boathouse // Music/Entertainment: The White Tree // Celebrant: Danielle Ledgerwood



  1. I was a friend at the wedding and these photos are absolutely beautiful! They really reflect how beautiful a day it was. I love them!

  2. Ali and Nick are such a wonderful couple together, and the photos reflect the love, affection and fabulous people they are. Loved the bride and her amazing sleek dress, the formal outfits, and loved the bridesmaids beautiful dresses too. Such a warm, friendly and happy occasion with both families. Speeches were amazing and wonderful, and straight from the heart. A joy to hear! Was very special to be included in this emotional wedding. Such a long time since they were little tots, with all the parental worries about how they would live, grow and love. Thank you for allowing me to witness such a special occasion. Marg xxx

  3. Gorgeous wedding! Lots of new and cool ideas in the styling and LOVE those bridemaid dresses. Stunning photos as always. How cute is the one with the little girl with the groom and groomsmen, it looks like she is having a beer with them lol Sally 🙂

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